The reach of the Tribunal stretches far beyond its means…

Welcome to the “Shadow of the Tribunal”, an epic fantasy campaign with hints of horror and intrigue.

Twenty years ago, in the 1,052nd year since the Cataclysm, the great Dawn Chapel in the town of the same name was destroyed in a botched ritual by a group of necromancers attempting to ascend to godhood. Though the attempt failed, the destruction of the cathedral caused a wave of anti-magical sentiment to sweep the Electorate of Semarq.

This was kicked into high gear when the old Elector died, five years later, and was replaced by Elector Veran Seraph, an extremely devout man with many contacts in the religious institutions. A Church-based tribunal was commissioned to investigate magical institutions for their risk to national security. Over time, and amidst whispers of corruption and extra-legal tactics, college after college was closed down, until eventually, the Elector’s Academy in Semarque city itself was raided, the Archmage hauled off in chains, and the campus torched by an angry mob.

Now, in the city of Charoq, in the year 1,073 AC, a small band of adventurers has been called together by the honourable Captain During to investigate the Tribunal, and try and put a halt to the magical investigation before it turns into an out-and-out witch hunt…

Shadow of the Tribunal

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