Shadow of the Tribunal

The Story So Far (Sessions 0-1)

Our story began when Brother Dewfall, Sergeant Faerlassel and Haisal were summoned to the office of Captain During of the Charoq City Guard. He had received a tip from the head of the local branch of the Tribunal, Morella Pharess, that someone would attempt to kill her at a formal function tonight. The Captain himself had become worried about whispers of corruption and hoarding of magical items in the operations of the Tribunal. He tasked the group with investigating the Tribunal during the function under the guise of additional security, with the help of Lord Rankin, a noble and esteemed diplomat who shared the Captain’s concern.

The function was taking place later that evening in the Tribunal Headquarters, a converted mansion house. The companions arrived at the function and got to work. Haisal found a powerful-seeming magical artefact hidden in the corner of the chapel, which he stashed in the saddlebags of his faithful giant badger, Hernando. Brother Dewfall and Faerlassel found a note containing a warning about a seeming potential assassination attempt, and evidence of some attempt at a summoning circle in the Tribune’s private study.

They congregated back in the main hall for the Tribune’s speech in time to see an Arcanist raise a crossbow from the far end of the hall. Captain During lept in front of the Tribune, at which point the assassin dropped the crossbow and blasted him with eldritch magic. During fell, grievously wounded, and the companions chased the fleeing Arcanist into the night, on the orders of the Tribune.

A Wolf in the Fold

The companions, after a brief pursuit, managed to subdue the assassin, partly due to the failure of a magic crystal she was carrying. The assassin, a Female Half-elf warlock called Kina, was taken to the holding cells beneath the east wing of the Tribunal headquarters, where Brother Dewfall stayed with her, ready for an interrogation the next morning.

As the next day dawned, they received the bad news: Captain During had died in the night, despite the best efforts of the Tribunal clerics.

In order to get Kina to talk, the companions promised her sanctuary at Brother Dewfall’s Monastery, along with access to information about the fate of her sister, Kama. Kina then revealed to them that she had taken up a deal with a fey entity known as the Ashwalker in the Deepwoods, as a way of extracting revenge from the Tribunal for Sanctioning her Sister. Specifically, she had been hired seven days ago by one Lord Aventus Loradie, a man mostly known for his unparalleled collection of obscure scholarly texts, and complete incapacity for skulduggery or intrigue.

What We Do In the Shadows

The companions presented their findings to the new Captain of the watch, the portly Wilhelm Dross, in a meeting with Pharess and Rankin. While the offer of sanctuary is entirely in the Captain’s power to grant, he was worried that the mood of the city, already ugly at the death of their beloved Captain During, would turn violent at the news that his killer was walking away scot free. There was also the complication that Kina’s pact with her patron would have to be fulfilled.

The Tribune supplied a solution. Lord Loradie had last been seen departing on a visit to a philanthropic expedition of his, a freehouse in the slum district of the city, about five days previously. Kina would accompany the companions on the pursuit of her former employer as a way to prove her good faith.

First, the players investigated Lord Loradie’s estate, meeting his rather huffy and elderly elven butler, Tigarill. Here they discovered that Loradie was not preparing a visit; he was mounting a full-on expedition with a ragtag adventuring party of his own. This was deeply out of character for the reclusive Lord, whose greatest adventure up to this point had been using an unconventional reference system for his library. According to Tigarill, the Lord had been acting out of character for a couple of weeks, ever since he had met with Tribune Pharess to register his dissatisfaction with the treatment of arcane practitioners in the city.

The party also investigated the mysterious artefact Haisal had recovered, by bringing it to the Gnome craftsman who had sold Kina the faulty magic crystal. They reached her shop, in the shady deep warrens, by way of a brawl with a group of thugs beating up a hungover noble in the street. The artificier, Ylahona Illaranti, was able to tell them that the glyphs, wards and locks on the lockbox the item was contained in were extremely expensive – she’d seen castles worth less than this box. She couldn’t tell them what was inside, except that it was incredibly powerful, and probably easily track-able by whoever it belonged to.

With this knowledge, the party loaded up on supplies, picked up Kina, and took off into the Pit, a quarry-turned-shanty-town on the northern side of Charoq city. There they were first accosted by urchins, and then they stumbled upon a passageway where a group of recently-murdered slumdwellers rose as spectres and ambushed them. In the ensuing fight, Haisal was rendered unconscious and Brother Dewfall came close to the brink. The companions were eventually victorious and decided to hunker down in the hovel of the murdered to rest., laying the victims respectfully to one side.



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