Captain Ernest During

Former adventurer, hero of the people, now dead at the hands of Kina the Warlock, and spark for an ugly mood in the city.


Formerly a member of the adventuring group known as the Wardens of the West, Ernest During retired from the adventuring life after the confrontation with a nameless evil in the Deepwoods, thirty years ago. He insisted on joining the Charoq City Guard at the lowest level, steadily rising through the ranks until he attained the rank of Captain eighteen years ago.

During developed a reputation for honesty and a firm sense of justice, tempered with genuine compassion and insight into the plight of the common folk, using his heroic status as a leverage for further good, rather than as an opportunity for self-aggrandizement.

He hired the party to investigate the Tribune of Charoq city, his old adventuring companion Morella Pharess, under the guise of protecting her from a supposed assassination attempt. Later that evening, he was struck down at the hands of the rogue Warlock Kina, and died in the night, despite the best ministrations of the Tribunal clerics.

Captain Ernest During

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