Lord Aventus Loradie

Kina's unlikely sponsor for the assassination of Captain During


Lord Loradie was a noble of Charoq city, the last scion of a great house. A life-long bachelor, he spent his time writing scholarly articles about historical and arcane matters, with the occasional insipid address protesting the increasing encroachment of the Tribunal into arcane matters.

He eventually requested a meeting with the Tribune to discuss this, and left badly shaken. He returned home and requisitioned an expedition below the city, claiming there was a threat to the city that needed to be stopped. He appeared ill but rebuffed attempts at treatment.

He delved below the city on the 13th of High Summer, passing through his charitable endeavour, Decca Lindenbrook’s almshouse, along the way. On the same day, he displayed an unexpected cruelty and magical potential to his party by paralyzing the rogue, Monna Gundia, after he found her snooping through his gear.

The party was discovered by the Heralds of Chaos on the 16th. Loradie persuaded them that the party were sympathetic, but not before they had left the Elf, Eogeg, for dead. The party was taken to the temple, where Loradie sabotaged their portal. He was killed by Monna on the 19th.

He left behind a journal in three parts. The first part, in common, was a translation of a Travelogue of Limbo by the Pilgrim, a figure of fascination to Brother Dewfall. The next parts were two halves of a private journal in Celestial. The first, running from the 8th to the 12th, dealt with Loradie’s uncertainty at his mission, growing headaches, and blank spots in his memory. It was long and rambling in tone, as well as frightened.

The second half picked up after a break, on the 15th. It was much terser and more confident in tone. It mentioned that Loradie missed the connection to his “hive-mother”. It said he had turned the rogue, Monna, in a fit of pique, but now looked forward to her manifestation. It contained technical notes and musing son the nature of the portal containment system. The last entry, written on the 19th, mentioned that he was concerned that development away from the rest of the hive was warping Monna’s growth, and that she might turn against him.

Lord Aventus Loradie

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