Tribune Morella Pharess

Overseer of the Tribunal in Charoq city; unflinching in her duty to protect the people


Morella Pharess came from a noble background and rose to prominence as a member of the adventuring group known as the Wardens of the West, along with Lady Symbeline Rankin, Captain Ernest During, and the Dwarven Ranger Duagari. After a climactic confrontation with a nameless evil in the Deepwoods to the south-east of Charoq City, Morella left the adventuring life to spend time with her family, and then in seclusion with the monastic community at the fountain-head of the holy River Dolla.

She emerged from obscurity after the Desecration, and was one of the most strident voices calling for an investigation into magical dealings in the Electorate of Semarq. She volunteered to be a member of the Tribunal in Charoq city and, over time, rose to become the overall tribune of that branch of the organisation. Her relations with During remained cool over that time.

Tribune Morella Pharess

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